Business Srevices Zeumic, the One-Stop-Business-Centre for all your Website and Multimedia needs!

  • Accuracy
  • Fast-Turnaround
  • One Call / One Email Contact
  • On Time
  • On Budget
  • Cheap
  • Quality

Today, Business Information Systems are closly tied to Marketing, Website, Print, and much more.  By tying it all-together you can save money significantly.


During the credit crunch
– be found by your customers, customers friends and the world
– look professional, on screen and in print
– provide the information your customers need
– provide systems for your business efficiency such as [login] – edit your website yourself anytime
– low cost advertising via the internet
– all peripherals such as domains, hosting, email and intranet

The Logo and Theme
The Zeumic logo was formulated on the natural world, precisely and simply a leaf.  A stem-less leaf, outlined, red in colour, smooth and sharp.  A leaf symbolising a node in a network, a single PC / person connected to a greater network for substance and life.  Stem-less symbolising the advent of new cutting edge mobile technology.  Red in colour to symbolise its heat, its energy, its power!

What does the name Zeumic mean?
In Greek mythology Zeus is the King of the Gods.  He is the ruler of Mount Olympus and the God of the Sky and Thunder.

In the Italian Renaissance there was a great man named Michelangelo; he was a painter, sculptor, architect, poet and engineer.  Widely considered the pinnacle of all artistic achievement since the beginning of the Renaissance.

Put together we have ZEUS and MICHELANGELO…Zeumic…A name with meaning we embrace and embody.

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