Android Gmail Google Apps Contacts Sync

By September 15, 2012April 5th, 2016Mobile Device
  • With pre-existing mobile based contacts
  • Phone memory and sim contacts to gmail contacts


Step 1: Merge Contacts

  1. Account Sync
    1. Make sure you have setup your Gmail or Google Apps and have sync set in System Settings > (Personal) Accounts & Sync
  2. Phone Contacts Export
    1. Settings > Send Namecard Via > Select All > Send > Fmail
  3. Send to the email you want to sync with
  4. Gmail / Google Apps Import
    1. Open email message and click “Import to Contacts”
    2. Click Find & merge duplicates
    3. All should be fine: click merge

Step 2: Phone Based Duplicates (not necessarily required)

  1. Now the phone has contacts stored on the SIM card and Phone memory that are duplicates compared with the previous imported contacts.
    1. BACKUP merged contacts on Gmail / Google Apps
      1. Gmail / Google Apps Contacts > More > All contacts > Google CSV > Export
    2. Delete all from phone (to resync with Gmail / Google Apps)
      1. Settings > Delete > select all > Delete
    3. At this point there are 2 ways to have 1 central contacts list
      2. Sync! icon appears: Delete limit exceeded
        “There are XYZ deleted items for Contacts, account XYZ@domain.com. What would you like to do?
        Delete the items.
        Undo the deletes.
        Do nothing for now.
      3. Select: Delete the items. (may take a while and you may need to do it a few times)
      4. Import your backup back into Gmail / Google Apps Contacts
        1. More > Import > Choose File > Import (previously exported Google CSV)
  2. Exit contacts, open again, should all be there
  3. Set the phone to save new contacts to Gmail / Google Apps

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