Automatic Default File Arrangement

By October 23, 2011April 5th, 2016Computer

Arranging files (photos, images, music, video, and more) is a common and necessary part of computing, however default settings on computers and other devices automatically resort files to their default settings, usually numeric alpha.  So the following order;

  • photo of family at zoo front.jpg
  • zoo in august.jpg
  • pic of lion.jpg
  • p8700021 meerkats.jpg
  • an echidna video.avi
  • band at zoo music-song.mp3

will appear on other devices as (out of desired order);

  • an echidna video.avi
  • band at zoo music-song.mp3
  • p8700021 meerkats.jpg
  • photo of family at zoo front.jpg
  • pic of lion.jpg
  • zoo in august.jpg

To guarantee the order, place numbers at the front, this allows default settings on other devices to apply and not affect your desired order, seen as follows;

  • 001 photo of family at zoo front.jpg
  • 002 zoo in august.jpg
  • 003 pic of lion.jpg
  • 004 p8700021 meerkats.jpg
  • 005 an echidna video.avi
  • 006 band at zoo music-song.mp3

Please note; for fast file name editing, press F2 on each file you wish to edit.  This is the fast alternative to click, pause, click, edit.

Putting “00” in front preserves your numbering up to 999 (001 to 999).  Without “0”s you will have a result as follows;

  • 1.doc
  • 10.doc
  • 11.doc
  • 12.doc
  • 2.doc
  • 21.doc
  • 29.doc
  • 3.doc
  • 4.doc
  • 5.doc
  • 6.doc
  • 66.doc
  • 7.doc
  • 8.doc
  • 9.doc

Here you can see default numeric organisation apply which groups all the like numbers together, adding “0”s will preserve your numbers up to “9” of how many “0”s precede your numbers.

Dates by default are ordered as follows;

  • 02-09-2011.jpg
  • 05-12-2011.jpg
  • 23-05-2011.jpg
  • 24-12-2010.jpg
  • 29-01-2011.jpg
  • 30-07-2011.jpg

To preserve dates change the order of the date to yyyy.mm.dd, this will guarantee automatic sorting by year, month, and day as sorting by day, month, year is irrelevant.

  • 2010_12_24.jpg
  • 2011_01_29.jpg
  • 2011_05_23.jpg
  • 2011_07_30.jpg
  • 2011_09_02.jpg
  • 2011_12_05.jpg

Then applying 001 based numbers will further ensure order stays fixed, as follows;

  • 2010_12_24 001 photo of family at zoo front.jpg
  • 2010_12_24 002 zoo in august.jpg
  • 2010_12_24 003 pic of lion.jpg
  • 2011_12_05 001 p8700021 meerkats.jpg
  • 2011_12_05 002 an echidna video.jpg
  • 2011_12_05 003 band at zoo music-song.jpg

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