cPanel Backup

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To backup your cPanel databases refer to the steps below:

A cPanel full backup will make a copy of all files in the home directory, emails, filters and databases.

Full Backup

  1. Go to www.yourdomain.com.au/cpanel
  2. Login to cPanel using your cPanel details
  3. Under files click ‘Backup Wizard’
  4. Click ‘Backup –>’
  5. Click ‘Full Backup’
  6. If necessary, supply an email for email notification
  7. Click ‘Generate Backup’
  8. The backup will show up on the ‘Home Directory’

Downloading Full Backups

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. click ‘Backups’
  3. click ‘Download or Generate a Full backup’
  4. Click the link for the backup you want to download under backups available for download.
  5. Save the backup to a safe location on your PC.

This is generally a manual process although details in regards to automated backup are here:

Legacy Backup Configuration

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