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ZPR Zeumic Products Database

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Please see: https://wordpress.org/plugins/zpr-zeumic-products-database/

Downloading ZPR Zeumic Products Database

For an automatic download of ZPR Zeumic Products Database, log in to your WordPress and select the Plugins Menu. In the search bar, insert “ZPR Zeumic Products Database”, select the plugin and click “Install Now”.

Integration with ZWM

When used alongside ZWM Zeumic Work Management extra functionality is added.

1st column is added that allows the user to easily add a product to any active order. Handy to quickly update orders.

2nd column allows editing ZWM’s own field on products called ‘SKU Link’. SKU Link is used to link the product to something, such as, a Google Document or Google Spreadsheet / Microsoft Document or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. The products associated procedure or ‘how to’ for making, setting up, configuring, or preparing the product.

Using ZPR

Displaying ZPR on a page

To display ZPR Zeumic Products Database on a page, use the shortcode [zpr].

Creating new products using ZPR

  1. Fill in the following fields of the green highlighted section
    • ID
    • Title
    • Slug
    • Status
    • Categories
    • SKU
    • SKU Link (optional)
    • Regular Price
    • Short Description
    • Long Description (optional)
  2. Click the green + in the last column

Adding Products to Orders

  1. Under the ‘add to order’ column of the table, use the drop down to select an order.
  2. Find the product you want to add to the order.
  3. Clcik ‘Add’ in the ‘add to order’ column.


Rating ZPR

If you feel a review below 5 stars is necessary, please contact us first before posting the review.


Pro version

The pro version opens up new features and abilities.


Speed and Optimization

For getting the best results from the system, we recommend a cloud hosting package through our exclusive partner WebEngin. These offer much faster database speeds compared to traditional cPanel hosting.



ZPR Zeumic Products Database is a fantastic system, and regular backups are essential to prevent losing your data in the event of disaster.
We recommend Zeumic’s automatic backup setup, which will automatically back up your WordPress installation, including ZPR Zeumic Products Database, without you having to worry about it.


Setup, Configuration, and Customization

If you need assistance setting up, configuring or customizing ZPR Zeumic Products Database, please contact Zeumic. We can offer assistance, or set the system up for you.

ZWM Zeumic Work Management

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Please see https://wordpress.org/plugins/zwm-zeumic-work-management/


Downloading ZWM Zeumic Work Management

For an automatic download of ZWM Zeumic Work Management, log in to your WordPress and select the Plugins Menu. In the search bar, insert “ZWM Zeumic Work Management”, select the plugin and click “Install Now”.

For ZWM Zeumic Work Management setup, the staff are created via users (see Making Users Staff Members below), whereas the departments and priorities are created directly through ZWM Zeumic Work Management. Read More

List of Products and Services and Ranking For Hierarchy

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When starting your website, developing a list of the products and services you wish to sell is an essential step.

From this list

  • You will be able to determine the products and services hierarchy and which products and services are most profitable.
  • You can innovate and combine products and services and/or develop new ones.

This is what will give you a niche for the future.

It’s easy, make a list and rank it! Read More

Taking Photos For Website, Branding and Marketing

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You need lots of content and photos for your website to receive the full effectiveness.

Photos are an important part of the site and different types of photos are needed.

  • Zoom Ins / Close Ups
  • Zoom Outs / Wide shots
  • People, smiling faces give a feel of genuineness and transparency and works wonders for business.

You should take all your photos in landscape and of the highest resolution possible but a  phone camera is fine.

Never stop taking photos, make it part of the work. It’s as easy as pulling out your phone. Read More

How to use CamScanner

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  1. Go to the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone)
  2. Search for CamScanner
  3. Install the free version
  4. Once installed, open up CamScanner
  5. Register using your GMail account
  6. Once done, click on the Camera icon
  7. Line up the document against a dark background and take a photo
  8. Let the app auto adjust the angles and tick
  9. Adjust brightness if required
  10. Click tick
  11. Now you can share this through whatever method you wish!

Read More


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When deciding between IMAP and POP3 mail servers, keep in mind that POP3 will download all email to the local PC, whereas IMAP hosts it on the server. This can mean that if you are accessing the same email on multiple addresses, POP3 mail servers may not sync across the devices, while IMAP will. Read More