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Click Fraud and Invalid Activity

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There has been some concern regarding the possibility of a company’s competitors clicking on the company’s ads to quickly deplete the daily budget and thus cause the ads to stop showing, making the ads unavailable to potential customers. This scenario can be referred to as spam clicking, fradulent clicking, click fraud, and other such terms. In this case, it is invalid traffic of the malicious sort.

Google has methods in place to manage invalid traffic. There are different types of invalid traffic (which are described below). We have researched this and hope to provide some understanding.

We would like to mention that if there appears to be “suspicious” activity on a Google AdWords account, it may not necessarily mean that competitors are abusing the ads. There are various valid reasons that Google has provided that could be contributing to unusual account activity.

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We have noticed some problems with targeting audiences in Internet Advertising. 

Targeting audiences in certain cities can be difficult due to inaccurate geographical information. For example, a customer may be based in Brisbane, but Google thinks they are in Sydney or Melbourne as that is where the customer’s IP address appears to be located. This seems to be based on the ISP of the customer – most ISPs appear to be based in Sydney.

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Why aren’t my ads showing?

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Search engine ads are affected by a variety of factors. Your search engine ads may not be showing for one or more of the following reasons:

When searching on Google directly:

  • Your ad campaigns or ad groups may have reached their daily spending limit, causing them to stop displaying to avoid going over budget. As you approach this limit, your ads will be shown less frequently.
  • Your competitor’s keywords have a higher Max CPC bid than your keywords causing your ads to be pushed to lower pages. Even if a keyword is active, if your bid is below the first page bid, your ads might not show on the first page.
  • You may be searching for the wrong or misspelled keywords
  • Our ad campaigns are geo-targeted. Your search location may not be set to the right area
  • Your keyword may have been inactivated by Google due to a ‘low search volume’, which means the keyword is too specific, obscure or misspelled significantly.
  • Economic cycles can be another factor affecting a click through rate

If we have noticed that your ads are not spending, we will be in direct contact with Google over the matter.

However, if it appears to be only you that can’t see your ads, this is likely another issue, one related to searching too frequently for your ads.