Churning Service Providers

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Churning website service provider or project manager of web works.

Step 1, Don’t get hoodwinked

It is a simple art for an alternate consultant(s) to take over a website project. But how? A simple criticism of a part of the website is enough to have the owner racing for the switch and providing personal details in a flash!

Gripes utilised by churning service providers to lure unsuspecting clients;

  • Google and SEO (keywords)
  • Design / Design Elements (the look)
  • Passwords
  • Ownership

It’s easy to criticise a website, and for anything. No website is perfect nor should they be, a best practice website adheres to the right technologies, options for growth but most especially and beyond all other things, the budget.

Along with this untold power of criticism often it is coupled with unrealistic expectations. Offerings made by alternate consultant(s) are so unrealistic they may be fake, especially when unsolicited. Be watchful of scams. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


Step 2,Don’t go in blind, proper consideration

“What does that mean? I’m busting to change provider now that I can see problems with my website!?”

Not being scammed or not getting over promised and under-delivered is the key. Find out some things about your new consultant.

  1. Deal with their criticism of you (your website): Ask your churning consultant, do I need it, what is the advantage (and at what cost)?
    1. If considering going ahead, how much will it cost for you to do it? Can I have that in writing, an order or quote.
  2. Make sure they are ‘all that and then some’
    1. Check their qualifications, accredited by a quality university.
    2. Check their experience. Have they been in commercial business for a week or ten years?
    3. Check their own website. Does this look like something you desire in your own? Are they doing it right?
    4. Ultimately, do they practice what they preach? Are they getting results from what they want to provide you? For example, how did you find them? Was it through the kinds of things that you want to buy from them?

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