Copy & Paste, Formatting, CSS, & Table Problems when transferring information from one medium to another

By August 17, 2011April 5th, 2016Website CMS Joomla

Problem; The Copy Carrying Formatting

When copy and pasting from one medium to Joomla or a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor, say from your internet browser, Google Chrome or Microsoft Word you carry with it the formatting of that selection such as boldness, color, tables, etc.
Internet pages are underpinned by coding such as HTML, CSS, PHP and more.  So when you copy and paste the formatting is brought across but in a best fit fashion.  This usually results in a strange outcome that somewhat represents the copy and other times not at all, and this depends on the sophistication of the original formatting.

To Copy and Paste into Joomla or WYSIWYG Editor (Reformatting)

Essentially you must reformat to get your selection into the correct medium, in this case HTML and CSS.

  1. Copy your selection
  2. Open “Notepad”
  3. Paste your selection into Notepad (this paste’s and drops formatting)
  4. Open your editor
  5. Copy and Paste bit by bit into the editor as you add tables, boldness, and general formatting requirements

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