Please Note GoogleApps Mail refers to folders as “Labels”
Labels do all the work folders do and give you an extra bonus: you can add more than one to a conversation. Once you’ve created a label, you can view all the messages with that label by searching, or by clicking the label name along the left side of any page.

1.1 To create a new label click Edit labels from left menu.

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1.2  Type the label name in Create new label field and click Create button


1.3 Once you click on create the new label will be created and listed under Labels in left menu.


1.4 1. In the inbox – select the email(s) you wish to move to folder
      2. Click the drop down menu “More Actions” and select the appropriate label.
      3. To remove from the inbox after you have applied a label click the “Archive” button from the top menu.    It will be removed from inbox and stored to the archive folder so that you can search and see it later.


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