Creating a Facebook Username

By May 18, 2011April 5th, 2016Website Facebook
  1. Please note, you must have 25 + likes to set a username
  2. You can only create a username once, you will not be able to change it again
  3. Login to your facebook account that you want to give a username, www.facebook.com
  4. Go to: http://www.facebook.com/username
  5. You should see a number of selections
  6. For a personal Facebook Page:
    1. Click the ‘More’ link
    2. There should now be more options, and a custom field box
    3. Select the username you want, or enter your own and click ‘Check Availability’
    4. Facebook will then tell you if it is available
      1. If it is, click Confirm
  7. For a Facebook Business Page:
    1. Go to ‘Each Page can have a username’
    2. Dropdown to the page you want to set a username for
    3. Enter your desired username and click ‘Check Availability’
    4. If you are happy with this username, click ‘Confirm’
  8. Your URL will now be www.facebook.com/yourusername

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