How to Add Content – Joomla 1.0

By December 20, 2007April 5th, 2016Website CMS Joomla
  1. Type in your administrator URL (Website), eg: https://www.zeumic.com.au/administrator
  2. Login using your USERNAME and PASSWORD previously registered
  3. Click the “Add New Content” button (1st main icon)
  4. Type in an appropriate “Title” (reasonably short and to the point)
  5. Copy the title into the “Alias” (This is used as a quick refference name version however best if it’s just reproduced in most cases)
  6.  Select a “Section” and “Category”
  7. Add your content (information) in the main window
  8. Click “Apply” when done
  9. Check your work VIA another Internet window, eg: https://www.zeumic.com.au and navigate to the appropriate page
  10. If you decide you want to further edit you can go back to your admin screen and edit.  REMEMBER:  If you don’t click “save” or “apply” the content WILL NOT be saved
  11. When done click “save” or “close” to exit back to the content items.  NOTE:  Do not use the browser “back” or “forward” buttons, they do not perform any CMS tasks such as saving an item.

NOTE:  If you have inadvertantly “locked” a content item or someone else has you can perform a ‘global checkin’ to remove the locks.  Go to top menu drop-down:  System >> Global Checkin.

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