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How to Add Content, Joomla 1.5 and 2.5

  1. Login to  your site’s backend e.g. www.yoursite.com.au/administrator
  2. Click ‘Content’ (top menu) > ‘Article Manager’
  3. Click ‘New’ (green button 1.5, yellow button 2.5, top right)
  4. Add a Title (Title of the Content, e.g. Computers)
  5. Add content in the blank text area
    1. You can use the toolbar to format your content
  6. After you make changes, click ‘Apply’ for 1.5 or ‘Save’ for 2.5 if you are still planning to edit
  7. Check your changes in a new browser window
  8. Click ‘Save’ for 1.5 or ‘Save & Close’ for 2.5 once you are completely finished, not ‘Apply’ for 1.5 or ‘Save’ for 2.5 as sometimes the changes can be reverted if not Saved
  9. To add the article to a menu, refer to How to Add Menu Items

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