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How to Clear Cache, Refreshing Page Browser


  • F5 (Refresh) – By pressing the F5 button on your keyboard, your page will refresh. However, in doing this, your computer may still access a cached version.


    • Ctrl+F5 (Hard Refresh) – A hard refresh will bypass any cached files and display the web page as it currently appears on the server.
    • Removing Cache (For stored media such as flash) – When in your browser, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete. Select the time period to delete (e.g. the past day) and select only:
      • Google Chrome: ‘Empty the Cache’.
      • Internet Explorer: ‘Temporary Internet Files’ & ‘Cookies’
      • Firefox: ‘Cache’
    • Select ‘Clear’

    Google Chrome 

    1. Go to Settings > Tools > Clear browsing data
    2. Make sure the following are selected:
      1. Empty the cache
      2. Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data
      3. Clear saved passwords
    3. Select ‘Clear browsing data’



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