How to Create a Custom Facebook Business Landing Page

By February 24, 2011April 5th, 2016Website Facebook
  1. Login to your facebook
  2. Search in the Search box for ‘FBML’
    1. Click the ‘App’ Result
    2. When on the page select ‘Add to Page’
  3. Click Account (Top Right),
    1.  Dropdown to ‘Use Facebook as a Page’
    2. Click ‘Swith’ on the page you want to edit
    3. Click ‘Edit Page’ in the top right
    4. Select ‘Apps’ (Left Menu)
    5. Click ‘Go to App’
    6. Enter the image URL or whatever front page content / landing page you want in here
    7. Save Changes
  4. Go back to the edit page
    1. Click ‘Manage Permissions’ (Left Menu)
    2. Find ‘Default Landing Tab’, select the Welcome Tab (the app you just created)
    3. Save Changes

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