How to Create & Manage Blogs

By May 10, 2011April 5th, 2016Website CMS Joomla
The term ‘blog’ in this instance means blog format, e.g. One article appearing after another on the same page.
  1. Login to your site’s backend, e.g. www.yoursite.com.au/administrator
  2. Select Content (Top Menu) > Section Manager
  3. Click the green ‘New’ button (Top Right)
    1. Title: e.g. Testimonials
    2. Save
  4. Select Content > Category Manager
  5. Click the ‘New’ button
    1. Title: e.g.Testimonials
    2. Section > Dropdown to ‘Blog’ (the section you just created)
    3. Save
  6. Select Content > Article Manager
  7. If you want to create a new article to appear in the ‘Blog’, click the ‘New’ button
    1. Input a title, this will be the title of that blog item
    2. Dropdown ‘Section’ to Blog, ‘Category’ should automatically default to ‘Blog’ as well
    3. Input your blog item’s text / content
    4. When you’re done, click save
  8. Select Menus (Top Menu) > Main Menu
  9. Select the Menu you want to add the ‘blog’ to e.g. TM – Testimonials (TM = top menu)
    1. Click ‘New’
    2. Select ‘Articles’ > ‘Category Blog Layout’ From the breakout menu
    3. Add a Title (This will be the name of the menu item, e.g. Testimonials)
    4. Leave Alias blank, this will auto generate
    5. In ‘Parent Item’, click the main menu item, e.g. ‘About’ (should be just under ‘top)
    6. Under ‘Parameters Basic’, Dropdown ‘Select Category’ and select the one you just created, e.g. Testimonials / Testimonials
    1. Enter how you want your blog to display
      1. Leading: How many items will display as full width articles
      2. Intro: How many blog items will appear on the front page
      3. Columns: How many columns your blog will appear in
      4. Links: How many blog items will be shown as links, e.g. title + link to article
    2. In Parameters (Advanced) select,
      1. Category Order: Order
      2. Primary Order: Order
    3. In Parameters (System)
      1. Show Page Title: No
    4. Save
  10. Go to your website to see if blog is working as intended
    1. To add articles to the blog, simply add them to the Section / Category – e.g. Testimonials / Testimonials

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