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How to Create & Manage Front Page Blogs

  1. Login to your site’s backend, e.g. www.yoursite.com.au/administrator
  2. Select Content (Top Menu) > Section Manager
  3. Click the green ‘New’ button (Top Right)
    1. Title: Blog
    2. Save
  4. Select Content > Category Manager
  5. Click the ‘New’ button
    1. Title: Blog
    2. Section > Dropdown to ‘Blog’
    3. Save
  6. Select Content > Article Manager
  7. If you want to create a new article to appear on the front page blog, click the ‘New’ button
    1. Input a title, this will be the title of that blog item
    2. Dropdown ‘Section’ to Blog, ‘Category’ should automatically default to ‘Blog’ as well
    3. Check ‘Yes’ on the ‘Front Page’ option
    4. Input your blog item’s text
    5. When you’re done, click save
  8. Select Menus (Top Menu) > Main Menu
  9. Select the ‘Home’ Menu Item
    1. In Parameters (Basic) enter how you want your blog to display
      1. Leading: How many items will display as full width articles
      2. Intro: How many blog items will appear on the front page
      3. Columns: How many columns your blog will appear in
      4. Links: How many blog items will be shown as links, e.g. title + link to article
    2. In Parameters (Advanced) select,
      1. Category Order: Order
      2. Primary Order: Order
    3. In Parameters (Component)
      1. Change the following to ‘Yes’ or ‘Show’, depending on the options available
        1. Title Linkable
        2. Created Date and Time
        3. Modified Date and Time
        4. Show Navigation
        5. Read more… Link
    4. In Parameters (System)
      1. Show Page Title: No
    5. Save
  10. Go to the Home page to see if the blog is working as intended
    1. To add articles to the front page blog, simply turn on the ‘Front Page: Yes’ option for that article
    2. Note: you must add these articles to the ‘Blog’ section and category so that the Category Order will work properly
    3. If you want to add an existing article to the Front Page blog, but not show the entire article, you will need to put in a ‘Read More’ link
      1. Open the article
      2. Click the area in the article you want the Front Page Blog to cut off and insert a Read More link
      3. Click the ‘Read more…’ button at the bottom of the editor
      4. Save

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