How to Deal With a Cold Call

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Cold Calling is the lowest form of marketing, should not be considered marketing, and should not be considered by any business ever as a marketing tool.
Cold calling like spam is unsolicited and usually a scam.  The regard for cold calling in is likened to shear harassment.  They are cold as opposed to warm because you’ve never met the seller, they may use a technique whereby they’ve found or purchased a small piece of information about you or your business that allows them to pull a nerve.  It’s aggressive and as they’re on the phone they can easily disappear. They’re in control.


They’re technique is to talk to a decision maker, someone in the household or business that can provide payment details.  They will usually ask for an owner.

Some cold callers are very elaborate and have derived a new scheme of using a series of logic to convince you.  You are behind if you let them talk, they have a script and they stick to it.

“Talk is cheap”, they make their offer irresistible, they focus on the negative of doing nothing and/or the positive of engaging their products or services at what appears to be a cheap price.  In some cases no money at all is required, they will make it back in another way, if no money is required then they will require your details and/or usernames/passwords.  Once they have your details they often don’t need your money directly from you.

If you’re a business trying to get your name out; cold callers come with the business callers, it means you’re doing the marketing right, cold callers will increase as you receive more enquiry calls, it’s natural unwarranted side-effect to growth.  In the end; you are doing something they can not, and that is to run a quality business or household.  As soon as they figure out how they always stop their cold calling asap.


How to Deal with a Cold Call

Ask them “Is this a cold call?”
This gives you time. 

  1. If they say “Yes” then you can tell them “I’m sorry we don’t take cold calls” and hang up.
    This keeps them on side because you haven’t been rude.  Keeping them on side is important, they often add you to more cold call lists and often want to ‘get you back’ if you treat them poorly.
  2. If they say “No” by now you will know if it is or not and you would reply the same “I’m sorry we don’t take cold calls” and hang up.
    Similar outcome to (1).

Feel Good
Much of the trouble with a cold call is they leave you feeling bad no matter what you do or say.  If you follow the above it should make you feel good about the call while keeping the cold caller on side and unlikely to cause you further discomfort.

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