How to Edit Content – Joomla 1.0

By December 20, 2007April 5th, 2016Website CMS Joomla
  1. Type in your website administrator URL, eg:  https://www.zeumic.com.au/administrator
  2. Login using your USERNAME and PASSWORD previously registered
  3. Click the “Content Items Manager” button (2nd main icon)
    1. Using the Drop Down Menu at the top:  Content >> Content by Section >> X Item (Where X is your desired content)
    1. “Title”, “Alias”, “Section”, “Category”, and then THE MAIN TEXT
  5. Click “Apply” or “Save” when done
  6. Check your work VIA another Internet window, eg:  https://www.zeumic.com.au and navigate to the appropriate page
  7. If you decide you want to further edit you can go back to your admin screen and edit
    1. REMEMBER:  If you don’t click “save” or “apply” the content WILL NOT be saved
  8. When done click “save” or “close” to exit back to the content items

NOTE:  Do not use the browser “back” or “forward” buttons, they do not perform the tasks such as saving an item

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