How to Edit or View my WebEngin cPanel FTP Username and Password

By February 2, 2012April 5th, 2016Website Domains and Hostings
  1. Login to WebEngin (Domains, Hostings, SSLs) account at www.webengin.com.au

    1. To do so, click on ‘My Account’ in the top navigational bar
    2. Enter in your Account Reference and Password
  2. Once logged into WebEngin, find the right domain and click the ‘Manage’ link
  3. Under the ‘Settings’ heading click ‘Web Hosting’ button
  4. Here you can view;
    1. cPanel server (Host Server)
    2. Username (for cPanel and FTP)
    3. Password (for cPanel and FTP)
    4. Default name servers (DNS settings that point to the host server)
  5. Here you can;
    1. Click ‘Log into cPanel interface’ button (opens a new window) (This will open cPanel)
    2. Show cPanel and FTP password
    3. Update cPanel FTP password

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