This Procedure is Using: ZTE MF626, other Telstra Prepaid Devices have a similar procedure.

  1. Insert the device into your computer.
  2. Enter the device PIN (if required).
  3. Click the ‘My Account’ Icon (See image below).
    My Account
  4. Type ‘1’ for Recharge in the Input Box and click ‘Send’ or double click ‘Recharge’.
    Select Recharge
  5. Select the payment method you want to use.
    1. Enter the Details.
    2. Click ‘Send’.

Best Practice

  1. Recommended Recharge Amount: $150 for 10G – Runs for 365 Days.
  2. Please recharge before the expriy date otherwise your credit will not rollover and it will expire.
    1. Zeumic recommends recharging 1 or 2 days prior to the expiry date.
    2. Zeumic advises putting the expiry date in your calendar.

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