How to Remove a SIM Card Pin

Removing a PIN from a Wireless Device SIM is helpful for setting up on computers, laptops and more especially routers with USB Wireless Device Failover.

Wireless SIM Cards usually do not come with PINs as they are shipped with a Wireless Device.  Wireless Device software usually is not very high tech and therefore does not have any PIN control.

A PIN may be added to a wireless SIM Card usually by upgrading to a microSIM (A microSIM is usually used in Apple iPads), with your telco/carrier, changing SIM Cards, or simply having it added by a mobile phone with PIN control.

  1. As most Wireless Device Software do not have PIN control the first step is to find a phone with PIN control.
  2. Replace mobile phone SIM Card with SIM Card you wish to change PIN.
  3. Through the phone software locate “settings” >> “sim settings”
  4. Under “PIN” use the equivalent command in the phones software to “turn off”
  5. That should do it, now you can insert back into your Wireless Device and you wont have the requirement to input PIN.

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