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When deciding between IMAP and POP3 mail servers, keep in mind that POP3 will download all email to the local PC, whereas IMAP hosts it on the server. This can mean that if you are accessing the same email on multiple addresses, POP3 mail servers may not sync across the devices, while IMAP will.

Retrieving IMAP/POP3 Settings

  1. When adding an account, the email client will often call on you to provide the settings; these can be found in cPanel.
  2. When you go into cPanel, click on ‘Accounts‘ under the heading ‘Email’.
  3. For the email address you want to set up, select the ‘More‘ option to the right, and click ‘Configure Email Client‘. This will give you all the settings you need to put in.

Alternatively, refer to:


  • cPanel has inbuilt protocols for MacOSX Mail and Microsoft Outlook.
  • For mobile phones, refer to the Secure SSL/TLS Settings (the grey box).


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