Importance of Maintenance

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Maintenance ensures that your website and brand is constantly developed and is always under vigilant eyes. It’s important that the growth that comes with maintenance is not suspended.

In the situation that maintenance is suspended, the competition is allowed time to surge ahead. The competition could be potentially maintaining and growing their websites, while we risk losing a month of development. Maintenance ensures that you safeguard your momentum in the market and stay one step ahead of competition.

Value of Maintenance

As your company grows and becomes more complex, the value of maintenance will have to reflect the time required to sort out these complexities. This is a by-product of running a successful growing business which stays ahead of competition, and will stay the case as your company grows. Historically, maintenance has been extremely beneficial for many companies, and our recommendation is that you start and persist with this success.
Please note that some maintenance is for growth, such as SEO targeting, and some maintenance is for updates, such as software updates.

Maintenance during other orders or development

Maintenance will also offset the impact that will come with the transition, such as the expected unexpected such as a possible loss of ranking in Google’s search index. Our recommendation is that you continue maintenance and attempt to safeguard growth from the unexpected.

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