Intellectual Property and Copyright

By November 28, 2007April 5th, 2016Terms and Conditions

You (the client or party acting on behalf of the ‘client’) will receive certain materials from Zeumic Pty Ltd, either in the form of a ‘proof’ or as completed artwork.  Zeumic Pty Ltd owns the copyright in the overall selection, coordination, arrangement and enhancement of such ‘Materials’, and owns the rights in, or license of, the individual components of such content.  Any ‘material’ commissioned by you may be used by you once it is in its completed form and as long as it remains unchanged from its original completed format.

Any materials supplied to you by Zeumic Pty Ltd , including but not limited to, design, design elements, style, text, software, photos, video, graphics and audio, (collectively “Materials”) are protected by international copyright, trademark and other laws and remain the property of Zeumic Pty Ltd and may not be copied, reproduced, republished, modified, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way or de-compiled, reverse engineered or disassembled, including but not limited to the design, style, text, images, audio and/or video.

You do not acquire any license, ownership or other rights to the Materials supplied to you by Zeumic Pty Ltd.  Modification of the Materials is a violation of Zeumic Pty Ltd’s copyright, trademark, intellectual property rights and other proprietary rights and may violate other laws.

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