Investigating Unknown Problems

By July 16, 2015April 19th, 2018Help

Zeumic has been in business for over 10 years, and in that time has encountered and solved countless problems of various kinds for many different clients. However, the nature of I.T. is such that there are always new problems which arise, many extremely rare or situational. Zeumic investigates such problems on a case-by-case basis, and for these it is not always possible to provide a concrete time estimate.

Our Procedure

The procedure by which we deal with these types of situations is as follows:

  1. You buy an hour of development work. During this time we investigate the problem and attempt to solve it.
  2. If the problem cannot be solved within the hour, we develop a quote for further work, usually two hours.
  3. If it requires further work after that, the next quote will be for four hours, the one after that for eight hours, and so on, doubling each time. This is only a general rule; if we are confident that the work can be completed within a smaller time-frame, we will charge appropriately.

Although Zeumic will attempt to provide rough time estimates to the client, for this type of work it is not always possible to do so, and where one is provided its accuracy is not guaranteed.

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