Keeping a Consistent VirtueMart Product Layout

  1. Login to  your site’s backend e.g. www.yoursite.com.au/administrator
  2. Click Components > Virtuemart
  3. Select ‘Extended Layout’ if not already selected
  4. Click Products > List Categories
  5. Select the Category you want to edit, or if creating a new category, select the ‘New’ button at the top
  6. Please note: the following settings are an example and will most likely apply to your store, however if they don’t, please enquire. At the bottom of ‘Category Information’, ensure:
    1. The ‘Show x products per row’ is set to 3,
    2. The ‘Category Browse Page’ is set to ‘eny_browse_quick_buy’
    3. The ‘Category Flypage’ is set to ‘eny_fly_default.tpl’
  7. Click Save and Check the changes are correct.

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