Why You Should Use Landscape Over Portrait

By May 12, 2015April 19th, 2018Website

When it comes to images on your website, landscape images are the universal standard. Here’s why.

Landscape images are wider than they are taller, often used for images of landscapes, while portrait images are taller than they are wider, often used for portraits. Photos can be taken either in portrait or landscape depending on the orientation of the camera used to take them. So which orientation should you use for photos on your site? Zeumic highly recommends landscape, for the following reasons:

  • Landscape is compliant with existing web standards and conventions.
  • Computer screens are landscape, making landscape the natural choice for images to be displayed on computer screens. Especially for high quality images, a portrait image will often not be able to be displayed in full quality on a landscape computer screen.
  • Tablets are usually also used in landscape. Although phones are usually used in portrait, smartphones can simply be rotated, allowing them to easily support both orientations.

Consistency is also extremely important, especially if the photos will be displayed in galleries. In other words, all the images within a gallery should either be portrait or landscape. This allows for a consistent and visually pleasing layout pattern.

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