Logging Into My Site and Accessing My Services

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Welcome to Zeumic! This information is for clients who have had their website built by Zeumic. It briefly explains how to access your various services and log in to the backend of your website.

Staff Page

The first thing you should do is login to your staff page.

  1. Go to your staff page. This can be accessed at www.{yoursitename}.com.au/staff, or by scrolling to the bottom of your site and clicking on ‘Staff’.
  2. Under ‘Services Protected’, enter the login details provided by Zeumic and click ‘Login’.


After logging into your staff page, your CMS backend can be accessed by clicking on the link under ‘CMS’ in Services Protected. Depending on your site (e.g., if it uses WordPress), you will have automatically been logged in after logging into the staff page. If not, you can do so here.


If your site uses WordPress, logging into your staff page will automatically log you into your WordPress CMS, which can accessed at www.{yoursitename}.com.au/wp-admin (this is the link is under ‘CMS’ as above).

While you are logged into WordPress, a black toolbar will appear at the top of your website. It will have a button reading ‘Edit Page’, ‘Edit Post’ or some variation; clicking on this will allow you to edit the page you are currently viewing.

We’re Here to Help

Convenient links to Zeumic and WebEngin are provided at the top of the staff page. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about your services.

Other Services

Links to your other services are provided under Services Protected, such as cPanel. We generally do not recommend accessing most of these, but they are there if necessary.

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