MailChimp Bounce Warning

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During a new installation of MailChimp, you may encounter a ‘Bounce Warning’ after importing your subscriber email list. In this case, MailChimp is detecting a large number of spam email addresses or outdated email addresses in your list. As such, the list must be cleaned up before any emails can be sent.

Cleaning up Mail Lists

There are two methods for doing this.

Automated List Cleanups (Recommended)

There are several industry leaders for automatic email list validation, these include: BriteVerify, Data Validation, and Leadspend. Zeumic’s recommendation is Data Validation, based on several factors:

  • It has the most competitive pricing, at $0.007 per subscriber
  • Direct integration with MailChimp
  • Automated validation means:
    • You’ll save time as the software handles the grunt of the work
    • It doesn’t require your subscribers to reconfirm. In a manual opt-in system, there is a potential for subscribers to ignore or fail to see the confirmation email. This oversight doesn’t exist in an automated system, and thus you are likely to retain more subscribers.
    • On-going email assurance ensures that there are not outages in service

MailChimp Double Opt-In

MailChimp details how to resend confirmation emails to your old list. The instructions can be found at Reconfirm an existing list in your MailChimp account. You may want to take this path because:

  • While more labour intensive, it is at no cost
  • Greater control over who to reconfirm into the mailing list

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