Media Management Usage

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This article applies to Zeumic clients who have a media management facility.

Your Drive

Log into Google Drive with the login details provided by Zeumic.

Folders within your Drive should include 0original and 1gallery.


  • Please do not delete anything from the Drive; if any media becomes obsolete, contact Zeumic and it will be archived.
  • Contact Zeumic if you have any queries or issues.

Adding Images

Follow the following procedure when you have a new batch of images that you wish to upload:

  1. Make sure all your images are contained in a folder on your computer (folders within folders are okay).
  2. Enter the 0original folder (you may need to double-click).
  3. Click the ‘Create’ button in the top-left, and then click ‘Folder’.
  4. Name the folder with the date at which the images were taken in the format “yyyy.mm.dd ” followed by a more descriptive title. E.g., “2015.01.23 Prahran Wedding Ceremony”.
  5. Enter the newly created folder.
  6. In the top-left, click the Upload button (next to ‘Create’), then select ‘Folder’.
  7. Navigate to the image folder on your computer and click ‘OK’.

Using Galleries


The 1gallery folder is intended to mirror the gallery on your website. When you update the 1gallery folder, Zeumic will update the gallery on your website to reflect your changes.

If you have just begun using this service, Zeumic will have created some example folders within the “1gallery” folder. You can right-click on them and click “Rename” to rename them and use them yourself, or create your own (refer below).

  • Create folders within the 1galleries folder with the same titles and structure as you want them to appear on your website.
  • Do not put images directly into a gallery folder; first create a folder called “original” in that folder (if it does not exist) and add images exclusively to these ‘original’ folders.
  • Images should be in a single gallery folder only.

Adding Images to a Gallery

To add a group of images to a gallery:

  1. Find the images within your 0original folder and select them by clicking on each of them while holding Ctrl (or, if they are next to each other, click the first one and then click the last one while holding Shift).
  2. Press Shift + Z. A menu titled “Add to” should pop up.
  3. Navigate to the destination folder (e.g., 1gallery > tempgallery1 > original).
  4. Click “Add”.

Removing Images from a Gallery

  1. Navigate to the gallery folder containing the images you wish to delete.
  2. In the top-right, next to the Settings icon, click the View details button so that a details sidebar shows on the right-hand side.
  3. Click an image you wish to remove from the gallery. Unfortunately, this must be done one-at-a-time for now.
  4. Next to “Location” in the right details sidebar, click the cross next to the “original” folder.
  5. Repeat for other images you wish to remove.

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