Computer Networks

We specialize in providing computer network support services to corporate clients who seek experienced professional computer technicians to reliably maintain all aspects of their in-house systems.

We offer clients a quality corporate IT computer support service including:

• Competitive sales and service of computer equipment
• Advanced network support
• Network design and implementation
• Install and configure servers for office computer networks
• Troubleshoot and diagnosis of interface problems with office network
• Implement backup procedures, Planning for Recovery
• New commissioning of servers, Antivirus Corporate protection
• Remote support of computer systems for existing businesses
• Preventative maintenance/ongoing maintenance of computer networks

Our Network setup lets you use your laptop in the garden, share a single Internet connection, swap music, share a printer, centralise information, hook up other devices and much more – all in cable-free freedom.

Our technician will visit your place and connect any network enabled device such as a computer , printer or storage device so that you can share files, print and stream media from any computer connected to your home network.


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