NewsletterNewsletter emails allows users to subscribe emails to news categories / sections. News are scanned at the selected interval and mailings can trigger automatically from template refreshs or crontab links.

General Features:

  • Automatic scheduled mailings or manual triggering of mailings by selected users.
  • Each category/section can be configured to compile a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • All categories/sections can be compiled into one single newsletter.
  • Mails in full customizable HTML or plain text format.
  • Module content from up to 6 modules can be included in news mails (i.e. latest news, most read).
  • Mails are only sent once with the recepients as BCC-copy OR as throttled mailings with individual mails.
  • Customizable verification e-mail option.
  • Logging of previous mailings with resend option of failed mailings.
  • Manage subscribers from the backend.
  • Mailings can be previewed.
  • Simple subscription with radio buttons
  • One-click unsubscribe links for all user types

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