Operating SystemsImportant: Before reinstall of your Operating System, you must back up all important files on your computer, such as e-mail, papers, artwork, music, documents, photos, spreadsheets etc.
The reinstall of operating system will permanently erase all contents of your hard drive, and anything not in backup will be lost.

Why should I reinstall the Operating system (e.g Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, MAC etc.) ?

  • Computer infected with virus, trojons or spyware. All antivirus are not capable of removing all these infection completely so even after successfull antivirus scan all infection can’t be removed.
  • Require more than one partition to manage files and prevent the files or data from accidentally erased or deleted.
  • By reinstalling and creating more than one partition, you will reduce the chances of virus, spyware or trojon infection to all your data.
  • Computer crash due to software failure or virus infection and can’t start windows again.

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