Problem; Failed to send all the text messages

  1. In the Optus Wireless Broadband Menu: Clicked ‘Text’ button
  2. Selected ‘New’ (CTRL+N)
  3. Entered Number & Message
  4. Clicked ‘Send’
  5. Failed to send all the text messages (See Image Below) 

Failed to Send all the Text Messages

To Fix

  1. Click ‘Tools’ > ‘Options’
  2. Select the ‘Text Message Tab’
  3. Under ‘SMSC’ enter the Message Centre Number +61411990001 (See Image Below)


If you do not have this option you may need to;

  • Connect to the Optus wireless internet network, or,
  • disconnect the device and reconnect, or,
  • restart your computer, or,
  • If the problem persists and you can not send SMSs, text messaging might not be active on your service and you will need to contact Optus on either of the following numbers:

p: 13 36 97 (02 8082 9775 local phone equivalent)

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