Payment of Google Apps Subscription

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On start up with Google Apps, it is recommended that a pre-paid payment is made a full year in advance this is to save time and headaches on accounts/book keeping.

Google Apps account prices.
$50 per account/per year

Payment Options
Automatic Payment
There are two options offered in regards to automatic payment which will be charged monthly:

  • Credit and debit card: The card will automatically charged when payment is required.
  • Bank account: Once your bank account has been verified, payments to Google will be debited. A credit card can be added as a backup payment option if your bank payment is declined.

Manual Payment (Recommended)
You’re required to add funds to your Google billing account with any form of payment (credit/debit card or bank transfer) using ‘Make a payment’.

Contract auto renewal
On the date, the commitment is renewed for an additional 12 months for all licenses at the then-current price.

How to check?
Payment plan options can be viewed and changed by going onto the ‘Billing’ page and clicking on the plus symbol (+) then selecting ‘change’. Although this option can only be changed once you reach your subscription renewal date.

What to do next?
Pay a full year in advance to do away with the monthly bill, save time and headaches on accounts/book keeping.

For more help refer to the following:
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Payment Options

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