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How do I make my domain point to my hosting service?
Solution In order to get your new domain name ‘connected’ to a website you will need to either:

  • order one of our web hosting packages OR
  • choose another web hosting provider OR
  • if you have free web space through your internet service provider, purchase URL Forwarding to direct your domain to that space.

If you have bought a web hosting account from PlanetDomain or another provider, you will need to update the DNS values assigned to your domain. The DNS, or domain name servers, contain a set of instructions called a zone file which determine how your domain should behave. In this case they make sure it points successfully to your hosting account.

In order to make changes to your domain’s DNS, you first must login into your member account on our website. You can modify your domain’s DNS via:
‘Manage Domains’ > ‘Modify DNS Details’ OR
‘My Account’ > ‘Manage Domain’ > ‘Modify DNS’
depending on which website your domain was registered from.
You will generally need to enter 2 DNS values. The two values are provided by your web hosting company and usually take the form ns#.’hostingprovider.com’.
Note: If you have purchased a conventional Bronze, Silver or Gold hosting account with us, your domain should be assigned:
Once you have made DNS changes you should allow 24-48 hours for these changes to take effect.

If you have an IP address that you need to direct your domain to, such as your home DSL or cable connection (your own hosting server) then you may wish to use our name servers:
Use the ‘Modify Advanced DNS’ option within the Modify DNS section of your account to set an A record. If you are running your own hosting server and have a dynamic IP address, you may want to set up a dynamic DNS account from a provider such as www.dyndns.org, www.no-ip.com or www.dnspark.com.

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