7.2 Secure Payment Gateway

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Pro Package

Secure Payment Gateway

∙ Accept Credit Card or PayPal payment through your website
∙ User enters any amount, for any description
∙ Use as a standalone system, or with a Credit Card Machine
∙ Accompany any eCommerce system
∙ Transfer funds received back to your bank
∙ Receive Donations

Paypal Processor

$ 399

  • Accept Paypal
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Accept Debit Cards
  • No Https
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Stripe Processor

$ 399

  • No Paypal
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Accept Debit Cards
  • Require Https
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Accept Credit Card Payments On Your Website!

People often prefer to pay via credit card because they can get points and more importantly put the debt aside. On the flip side, you can transfer the money owed to you – to a credit card company, don’t be the debt collector, it costs time and money to chase debt! It’s a win-win situation, you get paid and they can pay their credit card bill in their own manner. Because it’s on your website it is 24/7, instant, accessible, and most of all…it’s easy!

Purpose Services Advantages
  • Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Website
  • Easy Payment Options for Customers
  • Process Paypal Payments
  • Process Mastercard Payments
  • Process VISA Payments
  • Very Simple
  • Fast
  • 24/7
  • Phone Support


Fees: Features: Stand Out Features:
  • Low 1.1% to 2.4% For Domestic Transactions
  • Low $0.30 AUD Standard Fee On All Transactions
  • NO Annual Fees
  • NO Minimum Terms
  • NO Ongoing Payments
  • NO Rental Costs
  • NO Extra Equipment Expenses
  • PayPal Merchant Account Security
  • Accept Credit Card & PayPal Payments
  • Linked To Your Bank Account To Receive Your Money
  • Great For Those Who Invoice Irregular Amounts
  • The Most Versatile Way To Accept Payments:
    • On Your Website (any website)
    • On Mobile Phone (Only With Compatible Phones)
  • Automatic Receipts Sent To You And Your Customer
  • NO Swipe Machines
  • NO Paper Headaches
  • Great For Accepting Payments On-Site & Off-Site
  • Enter Any Amount!
  • Unlimited Users At Anytime
  • Self Service


Step 1: Invoice

  • Your client / customer receives your invoice

Step 2: Input Description and Amount

  • Your client / customer will:
    • Input the Description of the Payment
    • Input the Cost as Shown on the Invoice
  • See Example Invoice

Step 3: Input Credit Card Name / Number

  • Your client / customer will enter their credit card details

Step 3.1 (for credit card machine holders): Recieve Credit Card Details

  • Collect the credit card details from your email and website
  • Manually process with your credit card machine

Step 4: Payment Complete, Too Easy!

  • Your client / customer has just completed payment!
  • Your client receives an automatic email receipt
  • You receive a automatic email confirmation

Demo 1: No Surcharge

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Demo 2: With Surcharge

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Demo 3: With Variables

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  • Low 1.1% to 2.4% For Domestic Transactions
  • Low $0.30 AUD Standard Fee On All Transactions
  • NO Annual Fees
  • NO Minimum Terms
  • NO Ongoing Payments
  • NO Rental Costs
  • NO Extra Equipment Expenses
Monthly Sales Price per transaction Requirement
$0.00 AUD – $5,000.00 AUD 2.4% + $0.30 AUD None (Starting Rate)
$5,000.01 AUD – $15,000.00 AUD 2.0% + $0.30 AUD 3 month (90 days) average over $5000.00
– New Rate Only Applies to the Next Sale
$15,000.01 AUD – $150,000.00 AUD 1.5% + $0.30 AUD Over $15,000 Monthly Sales
– New Rate Only Applies to the Next Sale
> $150,000.00 AUD 1.1% + $0.30 AUD Over $150,000 Monthly Sales
– New Rate Only Applies to the Next Sale

Flat fee will be charged as follows: $0.30 AUD for payments in Australian Dollars.
Fees for receiving eCheque payments will not exceed $7.50 AUD per transaction.

Transaction Fees Change in Monthly Sales Threshold – Price Per Transaction

  1. First 3 month (90 days) average over $5000.00.
  2. Apply for a Merchant Rate to move from 1st monthly sales threshold to 2nd monthly sales threshold
  3. You can apply for a lower rate in the same month (2nd request) once you have reached the next monthly sales threshold.
  4. By this point you will be appointed a relationship manager to further manage any monthly sales threshold changes.

Note: New monthly sales threshold % per transaction only applies to the next sale.

Withdrawal Fees

 Bank Branch Currency       Fee
Australia AUD Free

A very accessible and easy way to process payments for my clients.
I’m more than happy with the service.

MoreISH Catering

I think Zeumic offers its customers an inexpensive way to process credit cards online. I have found nothing that compares to Zeumic’s prices for their quality and service. Zeumic is the obvious choice.

Australian Government – Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts Supported Federation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages Corporation

Merchant Processor System: 

  • PayPal Merchant Processor
  • For correct operation Zeumic will need to setup on your behalf.
  • Once System setup on your website and successfully tested (you can receive funds), we require you to change password.

Setup Time:

  • Basic Package: 1-2 days
  • Pro Package : 2-3 days
  • Terminal Packages: 3-4 days for Basic & Advanced

Please Note:

  • Additional time may be required if we don’t have access to the required details (see below).

Details Required: 

  • ABN
  • Name
  • Linked Bank Account
  • Linked Credit Card
  • Business Address
  • Business Name
  • Other

We will interview you over the phone to collect the details and setup the system.

Please Note:

  • Anti-fraud mechanisms such as a lock on your merchant account may apply if activity is flagged as ‘suspicious’
    • This case does come up time to time due to strong anti-fraud software
    • To overcome; submitting the required documentation to PayPal such as business ABN certificate and other legal documents that prove you are who you say you are.


If you require connection to your eCommerce Sytstem:

  • There may be further work required to connect to an eCommerce system.  There may be additional costs.


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