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GoogleApps is a professional email system that incorporates a Calendar, Contacts Management, and Document/File Management as its core integrations.

GoogleApps is the corporate version of GMail with greater abilities, scalability and brand-ability meaning Google branding is replaced with your brand and the is replaced with

Having your own branded GoogleApps system allows you to work collaboratively with your co-workers in your domain with ease.

GoogleApps eliminates the need to have expensive IT/network infrastructure because sharing, login, and user privileges are integrated.

It eliminates the unnecessary client-side software layer by having its own native website interface.  This eliminates potential client-side problems in configuration of client-side software or PC setup, eliminates costly and time consuming setup of client-side software, and eliminates $ software costs as there will be no need to purchase expensive Microsoft Outlook or Office .

GoogleApps increases efficiency and gives you more versatility (such as access your full email anywhere – Internet Cafe for instance).

GoogleApps is Google’s answer to the very expensive and widely used Microsoft Exchange (a corporate email system).  But GoogleApps goes much further with an emphasis for on-demand access and provider-side/server-side/Google-side infrastructure.  This concept alone saves any company tens of thousands in time, money and resources compared to a Microsoft Exchange / Client side server system.
It costs $0 in fees for a standard GoogleApps system (ex Zeumic setup costs) and allows you access to your email anywhere you are, for instance you can open your full email (sent items, folders, etc) on multiple computers, your phone, PDA, or laptop.  You could even have multiple people using the same email at one time or multiple devices connected to your email at one time.

The method is called “cloud computing” whereby your email lives in the cloud (Google’s Servers) giving you access via an internet browser.  It can sync to a PC / PCs / devices of your choice which gives you full backup and access when you don’t have the internet connected – previously the popular use of Outlook / Thunderbird and client-side email applications.



  • Direct web portal addresses for your GoogleApps Services EG:
    • = email
    • = document and file management/backup
    • = calendar
    • = sites
  • GoogleApps Systems branded with your own logo
  • Backup (email, documents/files, calendar, contacts)
  • Automatic Backup of Email & Calendar with Google Gears and Integrated Offline Setting
  • Huge 7.4+ gig capacity per account
  • Up to 50 accounts
  • Ability to access all email anywhere (popular use for wireless broadband devices)
  • Built in Calendar
  • Built in Document Manager (which you can use as a cloud backup for documents and other files)
  • World’s best spam filter
  • No need to purchase software, eliminating multiple layers of potential problems
  • No need to upgrade software (GoogleApps is automatically upgraded by Google)
  • World’s best search (Google) for email
  • Full consolidated email (bringing other email addresses labeled and into the one inbox)
  • Linking of conversation email for better email navigation
  • Typical features such as email signature and spell check
  • Many other advanced features such as edit your own email signature and much more


Additional Zeumic Config Features

  • Catchall Address
    (if someone miss-spells your email address EG the email will be caught into the catchall email address)
  • Email Alias
    (if you have other domains you can use them to accept email EG will send to
  • Email Consolidation from Hosting (If you have hosting with us)
    (for any reason a person browsing your website trys to contact you via your website and miss-spells their own email you will catch it and any other website/hosting generated email errors)
  • Email Consolidation from BigPond or ISP Accounts


For more information about GoogleApps please see:



  • – WebEngin domain and no hosting
    – Webengin domain and Webengin hosting

    Domain in a Zeumic WebEngin Account –

  • Hosting (if required) in a Zeumic WebEngin Account –




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