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A change for the better

Real experience, real qualifications, realistic prices and real staff you can meet in store!

We believe that a good website design is of paramount importance as it is a key part of your company’s image. Our web designers are highly creative and can create a customised design for your website, to suit your business and your goals.

wordpressWe will price beat by 10%
wordpressWe offer a free consultation, booking essential, Contact us
wordpressFree Software Licenses.

Best Practice

Industry standards, usability, efficiency and effectiveness: the idea is to get champagne results on a beer budget! Gone are the days of throwing money at things until they work, best practice solutions we offer are budget orientated.

After understanding your business and your vision for your website, we suggest various designs and layouts which might be best suited for your website.

You can be rest assured that all our designs:

  • Are Unique
  • Are Easy To Navigate
  • Have A Clean Interface
  • Are Visually Appealing, and
  • Are Built To Be Responsive On All Devices

A little help or a lot

At Zeumic, We provide different levels of support from Training, Consulting, Maintaining to Full Services

Our Support Levels include:

  • Level 1: Advice
  • Level 2: Support
  • Level 3: We Train and You Operate
  • Level 4: All Areas

Contact Us, to explore Our Support Levels

  • Are you an aspiring artist or someone looking to show off their work? We build beautiful folio websites to make you look your best.
  • Want to sell goods? We offer configuration of an eCommerce to suit your needs.
  • Are you offering a training program and need a booking system? We’ve got you covered.


These days every system is DIY but at what level are you comfortable?
We, as the experts in Website and I.T. only need to help you fill in the blanks, program/code what you are missing, graphic design elements on a page, or solve a niggling problem.

Often our clients become so busy DIY is unrealistic on their time, so we offer a full end to end service to get our clients moving and adapting quickly.

There are lots of tools that are used in web designing:

  • Themes
  • Structural Layouts
  • ECommerce Setups
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Media
  • HTML and CSS Codes
  • Motion Graphics

And Many More…


We have been in the business of designing websites since 2005. Over the years, we have created customised designs for all kinds of business models. As a result we now possess game changing intelligence, and this we are truly excited about!
Also, we have

  • Australian University degrees and accreditation
  • Partnerships with

Work Examples


  • Will I be able to see the progress on my website, while it’s being designed?
    Yes, you will be provided separate login credentials to view the progress of your website while it’s being designed by our team.
  • Do I have to pay every time I want to get changes made in the design?
    After the initial design has been developed and approved by you, and then if you wish to make changes in it in the future, then appropriate amounts would be charged for major changes that consume more time from our development team. For minor changes, no charges would have to be paid. Learn more about our services for ‘General Fixes and Repairs’.
  • We are a very small company. Will you be able to accommodate a suitable web design within our budget?
    Yes, we consider your total website budget, and then suggest best ways to allocate the same over a website strategy. And thus, a website design that fits your budget as well as suits your business’s purposes can be developed and implemented. Learn more about our website design packages.


Our Services

To know more about us, you can visit:


Website Design

Web Designing refers to the designing process of the front-end or the user-interface of a website. In today’s world, there is continuous innovation taking place towards refining the web experience in multiple ways. Some of the elements and areas that have gained a lot of popularity in web designing and user experience are graphic design, software coding, page layouts, typography, motion graphics and interactive media.

We, at Zeumic, have been in the business of designing websites since 2005 and have grown significantly with our ideas, our procedures, and outlook towards customer service. Our website designing services are highly customised to suit your individual needs, whether you want to use it to promote your business, start a blog and post regular updates, setup an ECommerce to accept customer payments, or any other idea – WE ARE READY!

Website Design Examples

  • Are you an aspiring artist or someone looking to show off their work? We do beautiful folio websites to make you look your best.
  • Want to sell goods? We offer configuration of an eCommerce to suit your needs.
  • Are you offering a training program and need a booking system? We’ve got you covered.

Website Design Projects

The following are some of our works:

Website Designing Systems

Coupling your website with our other online marketing services, we guarantee that you can significantly expand your reach to your target audience.

We have been innovators and created Software’s that can enhance your business to the next level.
It includes:

Our Website Development Systems
  • Zeumic Work Management [ZWM], a Workflow Management Software
  • Zeumic Products Database [ZPR], a product editor plugin developed by Zeumic to assist with SEO search engine optimization through the use of a templating system.
  • Zeumic Work Timer [ZTR], a System to log time spent on tasks and generate Cost Analysis Reports
Website Design Partnerships
  • Partnerships with
    • WordPress
    • WooCommerce
    • Envato
    • ModulesGarden


  • Website Designing
  • Web Designing
  • Website Designer
  • Web Designer

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4 reviews for Website Design

  1. Renish Surana, WebXGear

    When it comes to Website Designing, the guys at Zeumic are extremely talented and thorough professionals. Their knowledge and creativity has helped to deliver results that I couldn’t even envision for my business. I have worked with several website development companies over the years, but I have found the techniques and processes employed by Zeumic for their Web Designing services to be the most effective.

  2. Vasin Pether, WebEngin

    Up until a few months ago, I had hired another website developer for his Website Designing services, but he was unable to deliver the results that he had promised initially.
    Then my friend introduced me to Rob. He went through the website and understood the issues with the website’s design. He then suggested several modifications in the website, which on implementation yielded results over expectations. That experience with Rob and his team has increased my confidence in their abilities and I am looking forward for more work with them.

  3. Sally Haley, Alysk

    My experience with Zeumic has been fantastic. The professional touch that they gave to my website’s design has worked wonders in improving my website’s effectiveness.
    Their ability to understand their client’s demographic is remarkable. I would recommend zeumic for their unreal Website Design services.

  4. Naveen Reddy, Vridia

    Rob and his team are truly experts in all website and IT related services, especially Website Designing. They have delivered a ‘platinum’ quality website design even with my minimum budget.
    Rob and Zeumic team are highly professional in their approach to work and show true dedication and commitment towards client satisfaction.

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