Pros and Cons of VOIP

By November 27, 2012September 22nd, 2016Internet
VoIP is a professional system that is a replacement for pre-existing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). Skype is not a proper replacement as it is computer dependent and does not have the ability to receive calls from landlines.

  • Cost
    • Ability to setup VoIP without the need to purchase lots of equipment. Required equipment consists of phone/s, router and computer (for setup only).
    • Call anywhere in Australia from 10c untimed!
    • Unlimited Free VoIP provider to VoIP provider calls
    • No flagfall/call connection fees
    • No longer pay for line rental fees through the use of USB 3G/4G or Naked ADSL2+
  • Portability: Take your service ANYWHERE
  • No paper work, no lock-in contracts
  • A satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited technical support


  • Emergency services calls (000) may not work at all times, e.g. when power is out or the Internet is down.
  • Emergency service operators are also unable to identify your physical location so you will need to inform them.
  • May experience delays in phone connection:
    • Mobile: Approx. 14 second delay in connection, 2 second delay in ring and disconnection.
    • Landline/VoIP Number: Approx. 9 second delay in connection, 2 second delay in ring and disconnection.
  • VoIP providers consider the duration of any calls, regardless of whether it is timed or untimed in any VoIP provider service plans, in excess of 2 hours in one session to be excessive use. Such calls shall be automatically terminated by the VoIP provider system without any further notice or warning.
  • Possible 3G v 4G compatibility issues: Due to VoIP relying on an internet connection.
  • May still require a landline ADSL internet connection or a landline due to the possibility that Naked ADSL is not available in your area or USB 3G/4G may not be available in your area/reception too poor.
  • VoIP providers reserve the right to terminate your Service should you tamper with the Device, leaving you responsible for the full month’s charges to the end of the current term, including without limitation unbilled charges, plus a disconnect fee, all of which immediately become due and payable.
  • VoIP providers may terminate the service without further notice if the customer fails to pay on-time or to top-up an account.
  • VoIP provider customers can make outgoing calls to most Public Switched Telephone numbers with the exception of some special service numbers including Directory Assistance, time, 1900 and others.
  • VoIP providers may provide you with DID numbers. The DID numbers are a public resource in Australia and are leased with a fee by service providers from the Australian government.
  • VoIP providers provide support only to customers who use the service in Australia. No support is provided to overseas customers who use the adaptor and service outside of Australia.
  • If equipment is switched off or fails altogether, you will not be able to make or receive calls.
  • A processing fee of $30 is payable when customers desire to list their numbers in the White Pages.


Multiuse of same technology
All hardware is supplied pre-configured with new MyNetFone VoIP settings for your convenience so you can ‘plug & play’
Portability, Take your service ANYWHERE
Call anywhere in Australia from 10c untimed!
Unlimited Free MyNetFone to MyNetFone calls
Unlimited technical support from our Sydney-based call centre
No paper work, no lock-in contracts
No flagfall/call connection fees
A satisfaction money-back guarantee
No longer pay for line rental fees when bundled with MyNetFone’s Naked ADSL2+ broadband service! Disconnect your landline phone service and use VoIP instead!

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