Registering a Domain

By October 8, 2007April 5th, 2016Website Domains and Hostings
  1. Search for your Domain
    On the main page of www.webengin.com put in the domain without the www at the start or the .com, .com.au, .co.uk, etc. at the end. Tick any of the top level domains you would be interested in with the checkboxes below. Once you’ve got everything done click the go button next to the search box.

  2. Check Availability
    You’ll see the domain listed with all the extensions you ticked in the first box. Put a tick in any of the ones which you’d like that are available. If they’re already taken then you’ll see a cross and a link to the whois for the current owner. If you don’t want anymore domains then click the checkout button. If you’re looking for another domain then enter it in the search box as you did in the first step and click Go.

  3. Entering Your Details
    This next step will ask you for all your details. If you’ve already signed up, or you’ve registered a domain before then you can just put your username and password in the top box. If not then skip down to the section for first time users and fill in the details. If you’re worried about your privacy then you can put our address as the postal address, however you must have your real name and your email address as we sent out notices to this address when your domain is going to expire.  If you’re worried about spam then you might want to make a seperate email address just for your domain expiry notices. A google mail account is ideal for this as you can set up a filter to forward all email from us to your real address and ignore the rest.

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