Setting up an Internet Connection

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There are an array of Internet Providers to choose from in Australia. Zeumic recommends MyNetfone, the largest provider of hosted voice and data communication services in Australia. By selecting MyNetFone, you open up many doors for growth into the future, not to mention excellent prices, quality of service and support.

MyNetFone offer:

  • Fast connection speed
  • Good value for money
  • VoIP services

MyNetFone Setup

To check if your area is enabled for ADSL2+ Broadband Services with MyNetFone, see:
For additional information, see: Naked ADSL2+ Coverage Checkers

If Naked ADSL2+ is available:

  1. See Whirlpool Special: DSL Internet Plans
  2. Select “Get Started” on the Economy Plan and follow the prompts.

If there is no Naked ADSL2+ available in your area:

Please contact MyNetFone on 1300 731 048. They may be able to offer you a Traditional ADSL2+ broadband service.


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