Setup a new Payment Method

By May 16, 2011April 5th, 2016Website CMS Joomla
  1. Login to  your site’s backend e.g. www.yoursite.com.au/administrator
  2. Click Components > Virtuemart
  3. Select ‘Extended Layout’ if not already selected
  4. Select ‘Store (Left Menu) > ‘List Payment Methods’
  5. Click ‘New’
    1. Enter a Payment Method Name, e.g. ‘Direct Deposit’
    2. Enter a Unqiue Payment Code, e.g. ‘DD’
    3. Payment Class Name, Default = ‘ps_payment’ 
    4. Enter the Payment Method Type
    5. Shopper Group = ‘default’
    6. ‘Discount’ can be used as a fee (e.g. Credit Card Fee), by putting a – amount in, e.g. -2.00
    7. ‘Discount Type’ = Total
    8. Click ‘Save’
    9. Test that the new payment method appears in the Checkout

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