Setup GoogleApps Email in Outlook Express

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1.1 Open Internet Explorer and type mail.yourcompany.com and hit enter key.

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1.2 Enter Username and Password provided to you, If you don’t have username and password please contact  your administrator. Once you enter username and password than click on Sign In button to login to your account.


1.3 Once your account is created than you will be redirected to your Inbox.


1.4 To change the settings for your email account, click Settings from top menu.


1.5 Click on Forwarding and POP, IMAP Tab


1.6.1 Click on Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded) option.
1.6.2 Select keep yourcompany’s Mails copy in the Inbox from 2. When messages are accessed with POP. Option
1.6.3 Click on Save Changes button after finishing first two steps.


1.7 To prevent someone else from using the “Back” button or the History function, each time you exit your account you should sign out completely.

To sign out completely, click the “Sign Out” link at the top of the page. This way, a person using the computer after you does not have access to your account. This is especially important if you use a public or shared computer.


2 Setup/Edit an account in Outlook Express

2.1    Open Outlook.
2.2    Click the Tools menu and select Accounts…


2.3 Click Add, and then click Mail… or select any existing account and click on properties to update the setting of the account and go to step 2.9.


2.4 Fill in all necessary fields to include the following information:
Enter your name in the Display name: field, and click Next.


2.5 Enter your full Google Apps email address ([email protected]) in the Email address: field, and click Next.


2.6 E-mail server Names:
Server Information
My incoming mail server is: POP3
Incoming mail server: pop.googlemail.com
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.googlemail.com


2.7 Internet Mail Logon
Account Name: Enter your GoogleApps Mail username ([email protected]).
Password: Enter your GoogleApps Mail password
Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA): Leave this option un-ticked.


2.8 Click next and click finish to save the settings.


2.9 Select pop.gmail.com under Account, and click Properties.


2.10 Click the Advanced tab.
2.11 Fill in the following information:
2.11.1 Check the box next to this server requires a secure connection (SSL) under Outgoing Mail (SMTP).
2.11.2 Enter 465 in the Outgoing mail (SMTP): field.
2.11.3 Under Outgoing Mail (SMTP), check the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
2.11.4 Under Incoming mail (POP3), check the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL). The port will change to 995.
2.11.5 *The order of Outgoing and Incoming mail server fields varies by version. Make sure you enter the correct information in each field.


2.12 Return to the Servers tab, and check the box next to My server requires authentication.


2.13 Click Next and then click Finish.

Congratulations! You’ve finished configuring your client to send and retrieve Google Mail messages.

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