Terms and Conditions of Exclusive “10% Off” Offers

By July 27, 2015April 19th, 2018Terms and Conditions

Exclusive “10% Off” offers entitle the redeemer to a 10% reduction in price of the total value of a new order (new orders include both orders made after the offer was received, and orders which were made prior but not yet approved). If any other discounts have been made, the 10% is taken off the discounted total, not the full-price total.


The offer must be redeemed prior to the expiry date specified in the offer. If no date was specified, the offer is valid for one calendar year from the date received. Once the offer is redeemed and attached to an order, the offer will be rescinded if the order is not approved by the client before the expiry date. It will not be rescinded if the order is still incomplete by the expiry date; however, the offer will not be applicable to any additional items added to the order after the expiry date.

The offer does not apply to third-party products or services, only Zeumic’s specific products and services. Note that this also includes products such as Google and Bing Ads packages, and any others where part of the price is to be paid to a third-party. In these cases, only the portion of the price to be kept by Zeumic will be discounted.


To redeem, insert the coupon code given in the offer to the Shopping Cart page while creating an order. Alternatively, contact us and quote the offer, and we will add it to your order for you.

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