True Value

By July 9, 2014April 19th, 2018Business

The true value of the company is both the systems, which run the company, and the trust the clients have developed for the company.

Client’s Trust

Euphoria, and the warm and fuzzies. These are the measures by how a client will value you.

A major client list will greatly augment the true value of the company. The client list reflects the trust accumulated with your company, which stems from both time and labour.

Systems and Best Practice

Running a business is about applying monopolistic-like decisions, making and ultimately taking unfair advantages. Systems have the capability of performing magic, and completing tasks much more efficiently than ever imagined. All the pieces just pop into places, and it works! These are decisions which allow your company to grow.

Any maintenance or new systems developed for your website will only increase the true value of the company. For example, a well maintained website, with a .com and .com.au domain, is an efficient system which will greatly elevate the true value of your website.

Investor Proposition

Investors go through your company and look at all these elements, without which, they won’t invest. If you do not have an investor proposition, you are not providing the best practice to your clients and you are not serving the clients. If you have become valued by an investor, you have become appealing and attractive to them because of your work for your clients.

In addition, the true value is also the value for which an investor will likely measure your company financially. In the situation that you decide to package up and sell your company, please see: Sell Business or Brand and Web Infrastructure.

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