Why You Shouldn’t Search for Your Ads

By January 27, 2015April 19th, 2018Website Internet Ads

Ads, especially internet ads, are responsible for bringing in revenue to your business, so it can be tempting to search for your ads on Google or Bing.

Zeumic recommends against doing this, for a number of reasons.

Live searches on Google or Bing are recognised as generic users, rather than the advertisers. Even though you might like to see the Google search as your customer does, this can result in several consequences:

  • Because you repeatedly search, but do not click on your ad, the ad is lowered in ranking. Google doesn’t want to inundate you with the same, irrelevant ads repeatedly, so will stop showing them. This also affects the overall ranking of your ad for actual customers.
  • Triggering the ad on live searches will rack up impressions, but since you’re not clicking on it, drop the clickthrough rate, which means Google thinks your ad is of lower quality, and doesn’t show it as often as it should.
  • Increasing impressions without also increasing clickthrough rates not only skews the Analytics data, but also can affect the cost of your ad.

Therefore, instead of simply searching for your ad on a search engine, try using one of the relevant Ad Diagnostics Tools. These are built by search engines specifically for businesses to test out their ads, and see them how a customer would, without affecting the statistics or performance of the actual ad.

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