VoIP and Internet Installation Overview

By February 5, 2014April 19th, 2018Internet

When you choose to have VoIP installed with Zeumic, we ensure that the installation is as straightforward and simple as possible. We also offer detailed yet easily manageable explanations. Please allow up to four weeks for the installation to be complete.

How do I get VoIP?
Due to the flexilibity of our setup, there will be an option for Internet to be installed on the line.
Prior or during these steps, Zeumic will arrange for the VoIP line, equipment and ‘Voicemail to Email’ to be setup so that the installation is done in a timely manner.
  1. All Complex services on your current line need to be discovered.
    • These include: internet, fax and duet services.
    • To speed up the process, you should provide Zeumic with your latest phone bill.
  2. Zeumic confirms with your line provider if these Complex services are present.
    • We also ensure that these are the only Complex services.
  3. These Complex services will then be removed by contacting your line provider
    • This process can take about a working week, depending on how many complex services you currently have.
  4. Zeumic confirms with your line provider that the Complex services are disabled.
  5. Zeumic will then initiate the transfer to the VoIP provider.
    • There is always a possibility that the transfer request may be temporarily declined, though Zeumic will quickly ensure that this is made right.
    • In this step, Zeumic will provide you a transfer document that you need to fax or email into the VoIP provider, along with your latest phone bill.


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