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Website Performance

[ ] Is your website bringing in new customers?
[ ] Are you satisfied with the amount of new customers your website is bringing in?
[ ] Can you be found on Google, YellowPages, Yahoo and your major industry directory listings?
[ ] Are you evolving your website to suit the ever changing market better than your competition?
[ ] Is your website outperforming your competition?
[ ] Has your website been updated in the last month? Is your website evolving? See Getting the Best From Your Website for more info.

Your Consultant

[ ] Is your website “self branded” and not hijacked by your consultant sticking their brand on YOUR website?
[ ] Are you getting a good deal? Your consultant is not overcharging (large hourly fee OR large total hours)?
[ ] Does your consultant strive for your business – on time and on budget?
[ ] Your consultant is not slow or doesn’t call you back? – Can you call them when you need to?
[ ] Is your website consultant qualified?
[ ] Have you ever got a second opinion or another quote for work for your website?
[ ] Have you ever received a 3rd party assessment of your consultants work?
[ ] Can you bring your consultant to account?


Website Functions

[ ] Are you spending $0 on website software? -The software price is not built in to any monthly fees disguised as something else?
[ ] Can you easily login and edit your website yourself, without having to go through someone else?
[ ] Can you accept credit card payments on your website?
[ ] Does your website have a contact form?
[ ] Does your website have a search function?
[ ] Does your website have a website icon (seen in the URL bar & in favourites)?
[ ] Is your website user friendly (The use of drop down menus, radio buttons and check boxes rather than text fields)?
[ ] Is your website working in harmony with your 3rd party websites (eg ebay, facebook, tradingpost, etc)?
[ ] You are not stuck into a DIY solution that will not allow you to grow?


Website Control

[ ] Do you have FTP and domain access?
[ ] Could you take over the website if you so desired without the fear your consultant could hold a veto?
[ ] Do you have access to all your website usage statistics and marketing statistics?
[ ] Do you have free and professional access to all your email services anywhere 24/7?
[ ] You are not frightened your website is hijacked and under the control of others?
[ ] Are you always in the know? – Do you have a website portfolio that itemises everything about your website?


Website Marketing

[ ] Do you have a concise website marketing plan and resulting statistics?
[ ] Does your website look professional?
[ ] Does your website have concise information?
[ ] Does your website look small on the page not taking advantage of the full screen?
[ ] Can everyone see your website – does your website fit to a small screen or a screen highly zoomed in (minimum resolution of 800 x 600px)?


Website Cost

[ ] Do you receive an itemised invoice?
[ ] You are not paying for elements you don’t understand?
[ ] You are not spending too much on your domains and hosting?
[ ] You are not spending money on your website for no apparent gain?
[ ] You are not stuck in a DIY solution that costs money?


This list is not exhaustive

If you have a story regarding your website/experience please contact or email us – we want to know.

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