Website Security

By July 16, 2011April 5th, 2016Notices

It is possible that a security breach could happen to an online business, as it is possible that it could happen to any business even ones without a website.

Like a security breach whereby someone with privileged access to confidential information retrieves it and published it.


When working with Zeumic only you/your staff and Zeumic have access to your website.  Apart from your Zeumic Project Manager; all Zeumic staff do not have access to usernames or passwords even to carry out checks and works.

So theoretically the only way a security breach could occur is if it’s a hacker operating through you or Zeumic, a hacker gaining access to the website, or you or Zeumic leaking such information.  As the latter is bound by contracts and service agreements the likely way would be a hacker.

There are tracing mechanisms in place to log all actions on the website.

The way to defend against a hacker is to keep the website software up to date, currently website software is slightly out of date.  Keep your own antivirus and operating system fully up to date.  And if your website experiences enough demand that it builds up a large database of customers then Zeumic recommends upgrading security in terms of additional software measures and procedural measures.

First thing first though, it is more likely you need to dramatically increase advertising and information on the website to increase conversion.  Please see this document about risk and return; Risk & Return

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